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Talk to the Paw . . .

Do you have a training question? Can't figure out all the training jargon.  Check out our collection of superb training videos made by our collegues in the training industry at TALK TO THE PAW. 


 Puppy Development
Puppy Development graphic created by Matt Beswick for Pet365. Click here to view the full post.





COUNTER CONDITIONING Less Stress With More Success
A terrific explanation of the processes and appropriate methods to be used in modifying problem behaviours
such as fears, phobias, reactivity and aggression in dogs.

An excerpt  from one of Ken Ramirez' (one of the world's best trainers)
seminars on training. Here he demonstrates basic targeting techniques
 with a rescued shelter dog.


One day there may be the need for your dog to wear a muzzle. 
This video shows an easy to follow format for conditioning a dog to
wearing a muzzle.  Its positive and fun for the dog throughout the whole process.


Bart Weetjens: How I taught Rats to sniff out land mines


WHAT IS CLICKER TRAINING?                         
Here's a terrific brief outline of clicker training and how we use it.
Another AWESOME video from Emily Larnham,
teaching rear-end awareness a KEY component
to complex tricks


Canine Body Language:  Learning what dogs are saying to us     


Unwanted Behaviour:  Another fun option for getting
rid of an unwanted behaviour, putting it on stimulus control


EMERGENCY U-Turn: A must have for those who have reactive
dogs and need an Oh-Oh Trouble about face option. Helix
Fairweather & Student do an excellent job of showing how
to get this behaviour started.





The video below shows some of the more common calming signals dogs display. Some of the video is from a Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) session with a dog who is aggressive towards some other dogs, and the rest shows dogs at a dog park. Recognizing calming signals is essential for appropriate use of BAT, and helpful in many other pet-friendly training techniques as well.

For more information about BAT, you can peruse the information provided by Grisha Stewart (creator of BAT) here:



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