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"CGN" Canine Good Neighbour  -  Classes, Certificate & Test

This is a CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) sponsored program to encourage responsible pet dog ownership. It is a test and is open to dogs of all breeds and mixes.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a certificate only and not a form of certification that would allow additional special privileges or access for your dog. 


The 12-part test demonstrates your dog's manners and reliability in public. You'll be awarded a certificate if your dog earns a "Pass".  If not .... simply spend more time working with your pet in the areas identified by your evaluator and then visit another testing in the future.

Open testing runs approximately one hour per dog.  Fees are payable upon Registration with the Host/Evaluator of the club or organization hosting the testing.

You and your dog won't be the only ones to benefit from participation in a local Canadian Kennel Club approved Canine Good Neighbour Test; communities across the country will learn more and have an ever increasing respect for dog owners and their companions because of the participation of responsible dog owners.

Be sure to ask your insurance agent -- many companies offer discounts to households with CGN dogs!  Some rental properties also recognize the benefit of CGN testing and may offer discounts or allow CGN pets.

If you are interested in the CGN Program and/or CGN testing
Contact us at Training@dogwise.ca


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