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Competitive Obedience & Dog Sports      
Canadian Kennel Club Standards      

Novice & Open Combined Exercises
Here's where we begin to learn how to handle and teach our dogs precision work.  The Advanced Levels build on the behaviours learned in Basics. For clients who are looking to participate in canine sport activities with their dogs this is great preparation and introduction to the Canadian Kennel Club Obedience Trial Exercises.  Verbal control of your dog while
off-leash is required and will be emphasized.

The NOVICE & OPEN courses are designed to build on the training that has already been taught in Puppy Foundation and Basic Manners. We further the work on the use of verbal cues, hand signals and effective body language.  PLUS we       perfect our Rate of Reinforcement, The 3 D's (Distance, Distraction and Duration).  Games for Obedience fun and Distance work is also introduced.

We take the exercises you've mastered along the way in Basics and the Novice and Open levels and build even further, incorporating more off-leash work and distance control, taking you and your dog to a mentally challenging level.  In order to participate verbal control of your dog at all times is required.

RALLY- O:  A Fun Obedience Sport For You & Your Dog
Rally-O goes beyond the basic heeling and obedience exercises by incorporating turns, sits, jumps and heeling into a numbered course format.  It's fun, fast paced and is based upon and promotes a positive attitude between handler and canine companion.  Learn the basic exercises and how to complete a course.


  1. Canadian Kennel Club RALLY-O. 
    Under the Canadian Kennel Club Rules only purebred registered dogs may compete in Canadian Kennel Club sanctioned trials  Three basic titles that may be earned:  Novice, Advanced and Excellent.  In addition another title of Rally Advanced Excellence (RAE) may be obtained after all other titles are achieved.

  2. CARO - Canadian Association of Rally Obedience
    Under this umbrella the sport is open to ALL dogs, purebred or mixed breed, physically handicapped dogs and/or handlers.  Four titles that may be earned:  Novice, Advanced, Excellent, Versatility and C Stream


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6 - 1 hr weekly  Max. 4 $185
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