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Private Home Schooling 1 : 1
For The Family Companion. . . .

Time is at a premium for everyone these days and that's why at Dogwise we will bring our training expertise to you.

Our emphasis in on teaching you the skills you'll require to set your dog up for success.  With In-Home training we can work on things that are important to you, at a pace that is right for you and your dog.  We'll work with you to develop a personalized training plan that suits your specific needs. 


>  Session
s are geared specifically to the unique needs of you and your dog.
>  Training
can be focused on and deals with real life situations.
>  Our
session times can be FLEXIBLE to accommodate your busy schedule and best of all we
     come to you. Plus we'll move along at a pace that is suitable for you  and your dog.
>  Reminder  Lesson Sheets are provided for your reference as well as on-line computer chat if needed.
>  Your trainer
is available for the duration of your training via email or phone between sessions for questions or
     problem solving.


  • Teach your dog how to learn and be engaged in and part of the learning process.

  • Read your dog's body language and understand their various behaviours.

  • Apply positive reinforcement based methods to create and maintain your dog's learning.

  • Communicate clearly and consistently with both your voice cues and body language.

  • Properly use the variety of equipment: collars, leashes harnesses.

  • Use your praise and rewards in a timely manner to accelerate learning or any behavioural modification protocols.

  • Recognize and stop unwanted behaviours before they begin and resolve any behavioural problems through the implementation of foundation manners and obedience skills.

  • Appropriately apply the 3 D's (Distance, Duration & Distractions) and how to incrementally develop and increase you and your dog's skill level.

  • Learn how to keep your dog safe.


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Set  Up An Environment For Learning  ~  Be Prepared ~ Have A Plan
Set your dog up for SUCCESS

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