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Dogwise Online Registration Form for Upcoming Classes

How To Register:
1.  Complete the Form & Read the Policies below and the click the 
2.  Pay your Class Tuition via PayPal (a new page will pop up) or Cheque

  A PayPal Account is not required to register and you will also have the option to pay via a credit card on the PayPal form page.   Look for the Pay Options button on the PayPal Invoice.

No refunds are given after the first class.
Refunds will only be offered if a class that you have registered for does not proceed.

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Dog/Handler photos may be taken & successes highlighted on Dogwise.ca

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What would you like your puppy or dog to learn in this particular class session?
What if any problems are you experiencing with your dog or puppy?
What do you LIKE MOST about your puppy or dog?
What previous competitive obedience training does your dog have?
What problems are you experiencing with any of the competitive obedience exercises?
What do you LIKE MOST about your puppy or dog?


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Health & Immunizations:
Dogs must be up to date on immunizations.  All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies (if old enough). Sorry, no exceptions. Puppies or dogs not feeling well should not attend class.

Terms and Conditions:
* Payment is required to guarantee your spot in class.
* There is a returned cheque fee of $25 plus any fees Dogwise Training incurs to collect monies owed. If a cheque is returned, Dogwise has the right to request payment by money order or cash. An interest fee of 1% per month will be added to unpaid balances. 
*  No refunds or cancellations of this contract.
*  It is expected that the owner will maintain and reinforce training protocols outside of the training sessions given by Dogwise.

Assumption of Risk, Limitation of Liability, Indemnification & Release
A) Trainee acknowledges and agrees that neither Dogwise Training Center ("Trainer"), nor any of its employees, members, or agents shall be held liable for any damages (incidental, consequential, and/or special), losses, injuries, claims, negligence, harm, financial loss, sums of money, attorney's fees, costs and/or causes of action (hereinafter "Damages") associated with the instruction, consultation, and training services as may be associated with and/or contemplated by the sessions in which Trainee is participating with his/her/their dog. Trainee agrees to restrain his/her dog during the group class or private session. Trainee accepts responsibility
for any actions of his/her dog against Trainer.
Trainee acknowledges that training, consulting, and instruction (including behaviour modification) is an inherently dangerous activity and therefore agrees that he/she/they are aware of and do hereby assume all risks associated with the instruction, consultation, and training, including but not limited to any dog bites or attacks to any person or property during a session or at anytime hereafter. While Trainer uses best practices accepted by the profession, no guarantee is made of your dog's behaviour, now or in the future.
C) Trainee hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Trainer, and its employees, members, and agents against any Damages resulting from claims made by any third party due to any actions of Trainee's dog, including but not limited to any dog bites or dog attacks.
Trainee agrees to release and hold harmless Heather Lawson, individually, from any and all Damages associated with her being the instructor.
E) Trainee grants permission for Trainer to take and use pictures of dog, training class, and trainee in promotional materials.
F) Trainer may cancel contract under the following conditions: (1) failure to pay, (2) returned check, (3) cancellations or postponing of training sessions, (4) failure of Trainee to engage in appropriate training exercises, (5) disregard for Trainer's recommendations and/or training methods.
Trainer has the right to dismiss dogs deemed disruptive &/or dangerous to regular class participation. Alternative options to be discussed.      

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