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Our Philosophy is straightforward
Set up an environment for learning and success
You Can Learn To Be.....DOGWISE

Inappropriate or Bad behaviour is considered the number one reason for owner surrenders to most Humane Societies.  Our dogs are never too old or too young for that matter, to learn new behaviours or good manners.  It is important no matter what the age of your dog that you give them every opportunity to succeed at being a good Canine Companion.   Why is obedience or manners training important? Most problems with your dog can be alleviated or re-directed and managed through simple manners training and appropriate consistent communication from you.  Not only will your dog learn how to live in your human world through training, but you'll develop and greatly improve your relationship together. Whether you're embarking on a journey with your first puppy, simply require an Obedience Tune-up on the basics or you have a specific Behaviour Issue we're here to assist.  Integrating your dog or puppy's learning into everyday life is easy.  You'll be AMAZED at how quickly your dog learns and becomes a model family member.

We want to start your puppy off on the right foot with positive, reward-based behavioral shaping exercises. We do this by teaching Focus Skills.  These building blocks play an important role and are introduced in the early obedience or manners shaping exercises. We teach you how to motivationally crate train and condition your puppy to such things as grooming, nail clipping, teeth and ear exams (including cleaning) and overall handling. Appropriate Chewing and Puppy Biting are also addressed and we'll show you how to safely and age-appropriately introduce early socialization and environmental conditioning to build your puppy's confidence, mental development, and the social skills they'll need as they grow.  So let's get started on the right PAW ! and don't forget to take a look at all the things to
consider before puppy arrives.

One Time New Puppy Visit:    $  95.00  (1 1/2 hr. private in-home session)        OR                                                                                                 
Home Schooling - Puppy:
      $ 360.00  (4 - 1 hr. home visits)


HEADStart Puppy Foundation Basics:   8 - 20 weeks
HEADStart Puppy is based on and follows the PUPPY START RIGHT curriculum developed by Dr. Ken Martin & Debbie Martin for Karen Pryor Academy, taught by certified instructor Heather Lawson, KPA CTP, CPDT-KSA.  The Puppy Start Right curriculum ensures you and your puppy have all the skills you need to get off to a great start.

Should I wait until my puppy is older to begin training?
Absolutely NOT! Training already began in the litter your puppy came from with "Momma Dog" maintaining the balance between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Her job was 24/7. Get the picture? 

It is important you maintain this momentum of learning with your new puppy.  Puppies are little sponges and are eagerly awaiting a caring, gentle hand to teach them the ways of the world.

During the period between 8-20 weeks of age, critical stages of social development and behaviours are formed.  This is an important stage in your puppy's social and mental development.  We're here to help you get off to a positive start by providing you with the basic manners every puppy needs to know and show you how to keep the momentum of learning going. Join us in class where you'll learn to the use the latest and most modern approaches to training using force avoidant techniques through Fun & Games.

Puppy Foundation includes:

  • Follow The Leader  - Begining Loose leash walking

  • Coming When Called

  • Greeting Our Guests - No jumping please, go to YOUR SPOT

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Remain In Place (Stays & Wait until released)

  • Leave It & Trade Please - That's not good for you

  • Touch Me Please! Introduction & Guide to Handling your puppy                   

  • Introduction to Hand Signals, Adding Verbal Cues                                  

  • Introduction to Target Training: A useful tool for so many things

  • Fun Tricks

PLUS we'll also offer guidance during your sessions in the areas of:

  • Puppy Nipping - Teaching Bite Inhibition

  • Appropriate play skills

  • Crate Training

  • Potty Training - Even putting it on cue

  • And How to socialize appropriately with ease & safety   

Session Class Size Age Group Tuition Day/Time  Location
6 - 1 hr weekly  Max. 6 8 - 20 weeks $185
tax incl.
Sunday 6:00 pm
Sunday 7:00 pm
Monday 7:15 pm
Monday  8:15 pm
Thursday 7:15 pm
 A Spot
For Spot

North Vancouver

**  (Tuition Includes:  taxes, Student Handbook, Clicker)                                           REGISTER HERE

CANINE BUILDING BLOCKS - Lifestyle Manners Training: 5 Mos. & Older
Mind Your Manners & Much More . . . .
This is your basic manners class so if you've completed the HEADStart Puppy Foundation and are ready to take it to the next level, haven't yet taken any classes or are just wanting to spiff up and refine skills previously learned then this is your class. Manners sessions are 6 weeks and age appropriate for those dogs 5 months or older.  Here's where you'll learn to build on the basics from your Puppy Foundation. Canine Building Blocks encompasses all the Head Start Puppy Foundation but at a more grown-up level. You're learn how to improve on Attention, Focus, Teamwork, & Communication

  • Attention or "Watch Me Please"

  • Walking - Loose lead and at Close Heel
  • Sit - remain in position

  • Down - remain in position

  • Stand - For Examination, Grooming or Vet Check

  • Recall - Come with a sit in front

  • Off - "Remove yourself from that please"

  • Out - "Drop that disgusting thing"

  • Fun Target Training

  • Wait - It'll be your turn shortly

Session Class Size Age Group Tuition Day/Time  Location
6 - 1 hr weekly  Max. 6 5 Months or Older $185
tax incl.
Sunday 6:00 pm
Sunday 7:00pm
Monday 7:15 pm
Monday 8:15 pm
Thursday 7:15 pm
 A Spot
For Spot

North Vancouver

** (Tuition Includes: Taxes, Student Handbook, Clicker)                                                  REGISTER HERE


"HOUND AROUND TOWN" - Taking it to the streets
This training systematically teaches you how to cue and control your dog when out in public amongst distractions. You'll be out amongst the everyday distractions you and your dog will come across in your daily activities; Children, cars & trucks, bikes, other dogs, motorcycles, and discarded food.  All these and more provide excellent distractions for working and training your dog. 

  • Exiting Doors and Gates

  • Jumping Up

  • Stealing Food

  • Greeting People & Dogs

  • How to Behave in a Store

  • Settle/Relax

  • Busy Streets Control. 

Our Street Skills build on the exercises and skills taught in Puppy Foundations and Basic Manners.

Session Class Size Age Group Tuition Day/Time  Location
6 - 1 hr weekly  Max. 6 6 Months or Older $185
tax incl.
Wednesdays Outdoors
To Be Determined

** (Tuition Includes:  $185.00 (Incl. tax, Handouts & Clicker)                                     CLASS PENDING

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