You're about to go and get your new puppy.  Have you done your homework and are YOU prepared.  Below is a brief list of supplies you might want to have on hand and ready before you bring your puppy home.

Food, food and water bowls (2 or more of each).  Air tight food storage container.
* Crate with crate pad -- I like to use old blankets or towels at first as they're easily washed.
* Chew appropriate toys; puppy Kongs, chew bones
* Puppy collar and leash, with an identification tag (family name & phone number not the
   puppy's name)
* Small bite-sized treats for training and rewards.
* A Baby gate or two even an exercise pen for safely confining puppy.
* Small Medical kit with reference guide or book
* Puppy Training Books for reference
* Veterinary's telephone number or Emergency Care number

* Cleaners, disinfectants, odor neutralizer,  carpet cleaner, mop
* Poop bags for picking up after puppy.
* Paper towels

* Grooming equipment; such as comb or brush suited for your puppy's coat, nail clippers
   and a puppy toothbrush.
* Doggy Towels for drying puppy if he happens to get wet outdoors or needs a bath.

When traveling with your puppy either to pick him up or for your visits to the Vet, it's always  a good idea to crate your puppy in the car.  This will ensure in case of sudden stops, your puppy remains safe and doesn't become a projectile, hurting themselves or you. Make sure the crate is secured in place and will not tip.  Puppies often get carsick in the beginning so pick the most direct route to and from the places you go.  Allow for potty breaks if traveling a great distance (the number will depend on the age of your puppy).  Pick an area for potty breaks away from traffic.  Remember to have the leash securely attached to his collar when letting him out of the car. 

Travel Gear Bag
You will also want to bring along a bag of dog-related supplies with you just in case:
*  Water, water bowl, single serving of food and some tasty treats
*  Paper towels,  pooper scooper bags, waterless shampoo for emergency cleanup if puppy
    gets carsick, and an air freshener spray.  Extra trash bags.
*  Extra leash and collar.
*  Extra blanket and chew toys for crate.

NEVER leave your puppy or dog unattended in the car.  He could become overheated, chilled or very frightened.

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